business support


Saturation and maturity of various consumer markets in developed countries have left no option for the businesses except to look into the emerging markets for the expansion and sustainability of their business. However, exploring the potential business opportunities in the markets beyond borders is an expensive proposition and requires lot of expertise and knowledge to accurately gauge the prospects of a product in new market. 

Pakistan is one of the fastest emerging markets with increasing purchasing power of the consumers, which makes it an ideal place to introduce the new products/brands.  Pakistan is country of approximately 200 million population and have some of the largest institutions having requirements of variety of equipment and services being offered by international companies

We have commitment to join hands with your business to help you expand to the one of the fastest growing market of Asia. To help grow your business we have developed very unique and flexible solution customized to the specific requirements of clients.

    • Representation of your company in Pakistan and any other territory agreed upon, to promote the products and services
    • Liaison between manufacturer/service provider and clients
    • Provision of office/conference room and other office related accessories on the basis of as and when required
    • Initial market study for specific product/service
    • Facilitation in arranging visits to Pakistan
    • Hotel and transportation arrangements in Pakistan
    • Survey/study to determine cost of business in Pakistan