AVIATION consultancy


Airline Start-up

We have experience in supporting the start up airlines. We can provide the services of airline start-up feasibility, comprehensive business plan, and project management till the start of commercial operation. We have proven track record of providing and implementing business plans for the start-up airlines in difficult markets.

Our flexible approach ensures the incorporation and achievement of strategic goals of the stakeholders. Our services spans over following areas:

  • Project Management to Start-up
  • SWAT Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Route Economics and Feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Aircraft Economics and Selection of type
  • Support in Aircraft Induction
  • Guidance to Meet Civil Aviation Requirements

Fleet Solutions

Our professional team is fully equipped to support your airline in selection of the right type of aircraft for purchase, dry lease or wet lease. We provide our customers with the economic evaluation of the aircraft for the specific route structure to optimize the aircraft selection decisions.

Our team will assist and facilitate in aircraft sourcing and lease/purchase agreement. Our vast experience in aircraft transactions enable us to ensure the optimum terms and condition of the agreement in the best interest of our customer. Our services includes following:

  • Aircraft Economic Evaluation
  • Aircraft Sourcing
  • Aircraft Remarketing
  • Aircraft Lease/Purchase Negotiations
  • ACMI and Short Terms Lease

Business Plan

Alignment of the strategic plans with the Business Plan is one of the most important aspects for any organization. A well-structured Business Plan helps to define the quantifiable objectives and serves as a controlling tool to measure performance. Our team has expertise to develop comprehensive Business Plan for the start-up and already operational airlines. Flexibility in business plans helps to incorporate the changes and their impact on the future performance.

  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Revenue Projections
  • Projected Costing
  • Project Profit & Loss
  • Identification and Management of Key Performance Indicators

Flight Support Services

Our dedicated team can provide following flight support services:

    • Overflight and landing permits (worldwide)
    • FPL filing / Weather / NOTAMS
    • Cargo and passenger handling including baggage services
    • SLOT arrangements and International trip support
    • Flight watch 24/7 and Representation and Supervision on your behalf
    • Fuel Arrangement with local agents worldover
    • Assistance in Customs & Immigration clearance
    • Catering Arrangements
    • Crew Visa Arrangements
    • Hotel accommodation and transport arrangements for crew and passengers
    • Security Arrangements